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The PPP and Concessions business line of the Fayat Group is developed in close collaboration with the Group's construction teams and companies, in both the public works and building sectors.

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The PPP :

This activity calls upon multiple skills and expertise related to financing, design, building and servicing & maintenance which enable successful negotiations and the proper performance of these contracts over the long term.

FAYAT intervenes in PPP projects as an investor, playing an active role in setting up and steering operations and as a builder via the Group’s public works subsidiaries. Its presence in such operations constitutes a major strategic focus for the Group.

Over many years, FAYAT’s expertise in the field of PPP has gained particular recognition among these numerous public decision-makers (the State, local authorities and public bodies, etc.). FAYAT has consequently won several contracts which are currently being implemented.
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Our contracts :

1. A partnership contract for the construction of 3 science faculty buildings for Lille University;

2. A concession contract with the French State for the building of the A150 toll motorway (currently in operation);

3. Two partnership contracts (signed in 2012 and 2016) respectively for the construction of 4 and 3 secondary schools in the Seine-Saint-Denis department.

4. A partnership contract for the construction of a Humanities and Social Science centre for Grenoble Alpes University;

5. A partnership contract with Lyon Métropole for the rehabilitation and upgrade to safety standards of the northern ring-road around Lyon (BPNL).

6. A partnership contract for the construction of the MATMUT ATLANTIQUE stadium in Bordeaux, which is currently in commercial operation;

7. A partnership contract for the construction of an athletics stadium in Angoulême, which is currently in operation;

8. A partnership contract for the construction of a nursery school building in Corbeil Essonne, Ile-de-France;

9. An administrative emphyteutic lease with Bordeaux Métropole for the construction of administrative offices.