Fayat Innovation Challenge 2023

The fourth edition of the Fayat Innovation Challenge showcased some high-quality projects. It testifies to the strong, ongoing interest in innovation shown by all our Group's divisions, and has enabled us to unite our employees around new environmental themes. Here's a look back at a great success.


The fourth edition of the Fayat Innovation Challenge, held in 2023, was a great success, revealing high-quality innovative projects. This biennial event not only consolidated the ongoing commitment of all the Fayat Group's divisions to innovation, but also mobilised our employees around new environmental themes. Let's take a look back at the highlights of this year's event, which lived up to all its promises.

Safety category

  • Bomag from the Fayat Road Equipment Division
  • Project: Emergency Brake Assist
2023 Fayat Innovation Challenge_Bomag.jpg
2023 Fayat Innovation Challenge_NXO.jpg

Digital Solutions Category

  • NXO of the Fayat Energy Services Division
  • Project: NetDevOps

Eco-responsibility category

  • Fareco from the Fayat Énergie Services Division
  • Project: NOVA, tricolour traffic lights
2023 Fayat Innovation Challenge_FARECO_FES.jpg
2023 Fayat Innovation Challenge_RAVO_MATHIEU_FES.jpg

Decarbonation category

  • Fayat Environmental Solutions (Mathieu and Ravo) from the Fayat Road Equipment Division
  • Project: Energy savings

Favourite projects: Safety

  • Razel-Bec of the Fayat Civil Works Division
  • Project: Multi-tasking conveyor belt
2023 Fayat Innovation Challenge_RAZEL-BEC.jpg
2023 Fayat Innovation Challenge_fayat_fondations.jpg

Favourites: Decarbonisation

A new category: Decarbonation

This year, the Fayat Innovation Challenge introduced a new category, "Decarbonation", underlining the growing importance of this theme within the Group. The 17 ambassadors on the selection committee and the nine members of the jury had the arduous task of choosing between the 92 projects in the running. This category aims to highlight projects that contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions, underlining the Fayat Group's commitment to major environmental issues.


Enthusiasm and participation

Since the launch of the Fayat Innovation Challenge #4 platform on 1 April 2023, the response has been palpable. Nearly 11,000 consultations have been recorded, with the creation of 721 accounts. These figures demonstrate a growing interest year on year, consolidating the culture of innovation within the company.

    17 ambassadors around the world
    11 000 project platform consultations
    721 accounts created
    92 projects submitted this year 432 projects submitted since the first edition in 2017

    The Fayat Innovation Challenge as a catalyst for innovation:

    The FIC is more than just a competition. It gives significant visibility to projects within the subsidiaries, propelling the winners towards turning their ideas into reality. This exposure enables them to find internal and external support, while arousing the interest of other subsidiaries facing similar problems. Encouraging cross-functionality and synergies, the Fayat Innovation Challenge establishes a culture of audacity and creativity within the Group. This collaborative approach is reflected in the innovative products and services we offer, reinforcing our ability to stand out from the crowd.

    FIC non daté.png

    Ready for 2025

    The fifth edition of the Fayat Innovation Challenge, scheduled for 2025, is already generating enthusiasm. The specific categories will soon be defined, focusing on the concrete benefits that candidate projects can bring to the Group. This competition remains a must-attend event for everyone involved in the Fayat Group, continuing to stimulate innovation for the benefit of our customers and our market positioning.

    The Fayat Innovation Challenge 2023 lived up to its promise, showcasing innovative projects and consolidating the Fayat Group's commitment to innovation, digitalisation and environmental responsibility. The success of this edition reinforces the Challenge's position as a catalyst for innovative ideas within the Group, paving the way for a future where innovation continues to be at the heart of all Fayat's activities.