Bianco: clearing away the landslide in the Maurienne region

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Find out how Bianco, a subsidiary of Razel-Bec, successfully met the challenge of a landslide in the Maurienne Valley, using radio-controlled machinery and innovative technological solutions. The work was carried out 7 days a week, ensuring the safety of operations and the resumption of traffic on the Lyon-Turin line.


Remote site : Reinstatement of rail traffic


In August 2023, a landslide at La Praz, in the Maurienne valley (Savoie), interrupted rail traffic on the Lyon-Turin line, necessitating urgent action. Since early December, teams from Bianco, a subsidiary of Razel-Bec, have been mobilised 7 days a week to remove the rubble from this critical site.

Radio-controlled machines to manage risks

Faced with the risk of overflow, Bianco responded to SNCF Réseau's request by deploying radio-controlled crawlers. This equipment enabled the safe evacuation of 16,000 cubic metres of fallen rocks, minimising the risks to operators.

Surveillance system for safe operations

The base and control centre were strategically positioned 150 metres from the site. From here, Bianco pilots remotely manoeuvred the 7 excavators and dumpers. A surveillance system, including a drone and more than 20 cameras, facilitated precise guidance of the machines, ensuring the safety of the operations.

Innovation and efficiency at the heart of the operation

Bianco, as a subsidiary of Razel-Bec, has demonstrated its commitment to innovation and efficiency in the public works sector. The use of radio-controlled technologies made it possible to overcome logistical challenges and quickly restore rail traffic.

Bianco _ Vallée de la Maurienne

Find out more about Bianco's operation in La Praz

If you'd like to find out more about the details of Bianco's intervention at La Praz and understand the logistical challenges overcome, we invite you to watch the detailed video on YouTube.