Environment & Eco-responsibility

A global challenge that affects every sphere of citizen life.

Taking daily action to limit the impact of the Group's activities on climate change and the use of natural resources: this ambition unites all of the Group's subsidiaries, which innovate and mobilize, each in their own field, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, preserve biodiversity, and provide our clients with the means to address the environmental challenges that shape the future of our societies.

Aware of the current environmental challenges, Fayat implements concrete actions to reduce its impact on the planet and promote sustainable practices. The group incorporates ecological concerns into all of its activities.

Fayat recognizes that preserving biodiversity, promoting ecological engineering, encouraging eco-mobility, responsible water management, building sustainable cities, and promoting reuse are essential pillars of a comprehensive eco-responsibility strategy.

By combining technical expertise, innovation, and awareness, the Fayat group is committed to minimizing its environmental footprint, preserving ecosystems, promoting the efficient use of resources, and contributing to the transition to a greener economy.

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Fayat implements various actions to preserve and promote biodiversity.

The group incorporates measures to protect biodiversity into its projects. By adopting practices that respect wildlife and flora, Fayat contributes to preserving fragile ecosystems and promoting harmonious coexistence between human activity and nature.


Château Clément Pichon

Château Fayat, A green lung in the heart of the city. Established in 2009, Château Fayat is a vineyard consisting of 32 plots spread over 14 hectares, with the unique feature of being located in an urban environment, north of the city of Libourne, in the Pomerol appellation. This geographical location led its team, under the direction of Emeric Bossuet, to conduct a study of the existing ecosystem and to develop a comprehensive program aimed at both protecting the biodiversity present on the property and raising awareness among the entire neighborhood.

To support environmental attitude number 3 of the guide published by Razel-Bec for its employees, titled "Guide to 8 Environmental Attitudes," a notebook has been made available to employees on construction sites to protect sensitive environments and make this protection visible. Practical and illustrated, it enables teams to identify invasive species that can have a negative environmental impact and learn how to combat their spread.


Ecological engineering


Fayat is committed to ecological engineering by developing and implementing technical solutions to restore and preserve ecosystems.

The group develops innovative techniques, promotes ecosystem regeneration and conserves natural habitats.


Environnement_Fayat Bâtiment_MPGP_HA Architectes & VGH Architecte
Fayat Bâtiment : rénovation et extension du domaine situé au cœur de la Terrasse Quaternaire, dite de Châteauneuf du Pape.

Fayat Bâtiment : renovation and extension of the estate located in the heart of the Quaternary Terrace, known as Châteauneuf du Pape. This unique project is characterized by the construction of authentic, distinctive, and contemporary buildings based on ancestral construction methods, within the framework of a "contemporary vernacular" architecture. The major challenge of this operation is the implementation of "site concrete" (hand-compacted dry concrete layer by layer) and the use of natural elements from the site.


Fayat promotes sustainable mobility by developing sustainable transportation solutions.

The group participates in the design and construction of infrastructure for public transportation, bicycle lanes, electric vehicle sharing systems, and other initiatives aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with transportation.


Prototype de Master Tower en Alfonsine (RA)
Centrale d'enrobés TRX Ermont


Fayat is increasingly focused on the reuse of construction materials.

The group implements procedures for the collection, sorting, and valorization of construction waste to promote the reuse and recycling of materials. Reuse at Fayat promotes a circular economy and responsible resource management while reducing environmental impact.


Sustainable Cities

Fayat is committed to the construction of sustainable cities by integrating environmental criteria into its urban development projects.

The group prioritizes sustainable materials, energy-efficient solutions, green spaces, and environmentally-friendly infrastructure. Fayat thereby contributes to the creation of more pleasant and ecological cities.


SATELEC transforme l’éclairage urbain de la ville de Rambouillet
Haliotis : la STEP de Nice Côte d'Azur à la pointe de l’innovation


Fayat offers solutions for sustainable water management.

The group implements measures to preserve water quality, reduce consumption, and optimize its use in its activities. Fayat integrates innovative technologies for wastewater treatment and water recycling, thereby contributing to the preservation of water resources and the protection of aquatic environments.