SMART CAB : Secmair a récemment mis au point une nouvelle interface homme-machine dans ses cabines, alliant confort accru des opérateurs et performances optimisées.

Innovation & Digital Technology

Digitisation applicable to all sectors.

Innovation & Digital Technology

In the civil works sector, digital technology is transforming construction and renovation throughout the value chain. 

In the industrial field, digital technology is changing processes and production organisation methods. 

With our customers, the key challenge is to incorporate the user experience and its customisation, to create a direct and sincere link between our brands and our clients. 

For the Fayat Group, digitisation is a basis for progress, change and enhanced performance, in addition to a tool for decarbonisation. This is a fundamental issue which affects all the Group’s activities, and has a major impact on customer relations, recruitment and training, the innovation process, market position and corporate social & environmental responsibility.

Cybersécurité pour la ville et de l’agglomération de Dreux (28) par le Security Operations Center (SOC) de NXO.

Following the success of the previous years’ events, the 4th Fayat Innovation Challenge got underway on 1st April 2023.

This Challenge shines the spotlight on innovation in our Group, the ability to use our knowledge and expertise to create value for our clients. By creating this value, we can provide our clients with USP-rich solutions and benefits, very often with premium pricing.

For this year’s Fayat Innovation Challenge, a special Decarbonization category has been created, on top of the 3 other categories: Safety, Digital Solutions, and Environmental responsibility.
Make sure you check back in late November to find out this year’s winners! 

SMART CAB: Secmair recently developed a new human-machine interface in its cabins for enhanced operator comfort and optimal performance.

SMART CAB : Secmair a récemment mis au point une nouvelle interface homme-machine dans ses cabines, alliant confort accru des opérateurs et performances optimisées.
Fayat Energie Services : la solution HOVY®, un système breveté de détection et de contrôle des voies réservées sur le boulevard périphérique parisien pour les JOP 2024

Fayat Energy Services: the HOVY® solution, a patented system for the identification and management of dedicated lanes on the Parisian ringroad during the 2024 Olympic games.

Fayat Metal launches its 4.0 digital revolution with Ultimet, a project planning and management tool designed to enhance our processes and the productivity of our companies.

ACE (Asphalt Customer Experience) : une application immersive en 3D et Réalité Virtuelle pour la configuration de projets spécifiques, la réalisation de présentations, les formations interne et externe, les dépannages et bonnes pratiques de maintenance.

ACE (Asphalt Customer Experience): 3D and VR immersive application for product configuration and presentation, training and after-sales service.

NXO works alongside the mobility leader Keolis to preserve and build the new data centre facilities for its ticketing system and deliver a Cloud safeguarding service for its critical data.

NXO accompagne Keolis, leader de la mobilité, en concevant et construisant les nouvelles infrastructures data center du système billettique du réseau de Transport Lillois.