Marini Top Tower 3000 P

  • Environment
  • Mobility, Environment

The TOP TOWER 3000 P plant is equipped with latest-generation systems meeting environmental, safety and recycling requirements.


It blends into the environment with its reduced noise levels and unobtrusive appearance, significantly reduced gas emissions meeting the strictest legal limits, and management and treatment (both patented) of emissions, which are conveyed via a tunnel to the mixer and storage hopper outlet.



Over the years, the industry has expressed growing interest in the idea of recycling. Worldwide, the trend has been confirmed for several reasons:

  • Re-use of raw materials: aggregates are not available in sufficient quantities, following the reduction of the number of available quarries operating nationally and internationally.
  • Energy savings: fall in energy consumption following reduced operation of aggregate quarries, transport services and lead times.
  • Bitumen recycling: aggregates are recycled, but also and above all the bitumen binder contained in asphalt aggregates (AA).