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Prevention & Safety

A priority at every instant.

Prevention & Safety

Ensuring the health and safety of all is our primary responsibility. 

Health and safety form part of our day-to-day actions to protect all our employees and partners, by ensuring safe use of all our solutions. 

We develop safe products, services and solutions, providing comfort and ergonomics right up to the end user. 

Our aim is clear: zero occupational illnesses and zero accidents.

Fondations - Grand Paris - Ligne 16
Engagement prévention et sécurité, Liber

Invented by Razel Cameroon, Liber is a 2m-long lightweight guidance rod, equipped with a clamp to grip certain types of loads. It enables guidance of raised loads and limits risks during handling and lifting operations. 

This innovation has been rolled out on several Razel-Bec jobsites.

The Dynapac F1250CS compact paver, equipped with the highest quality screed in its category and optional RC360 remote control, guarantees the perfect result for all surfaces, at a reduced cost, in total safety and with optimal ease of use.


Exoskeleton: several Fayat METAL companies, such as Castel & Fromaget are investing in exoskeletons.