Prevention & Safety

A priority at every instant

Prevention & Safety

Ensuring the health and safety of all is our primary responsibility.

Health and safety form part of our day-to-day actions to protect all our employees and partners, by ensuring safe use of all our solutions.

We develop safe products, services and solutions, providing comfort and ergonomics right up to the end user.

Our aim is clear: zero occupational illnesses and zero accidents.

Fondations - Grand Paris - Ligne 16
BOMAG Emergency Brake Assist

Emergency Brake Assist - BOMAG

The BOMAG teams designed an integrated emergency brake solution for machinery, to avoid collisions and thus reduce the risk of injury for jobsite workers. This ingenious emergency brake assist scans the vehicle’s path on several planes and uses motion sensors to detect potential sources of danger. It adapts to the driver’s level of experience, and can be used in all conditions. It has also helped to significantly reduce potential damage to bituminous asphalt.

Conveyor belt Razel-Bec

On package 3 of Greater Paris Express Line 16, production of filling concrete was handled in parallel with that of excavation via the conveyor belt. The process has no shortage of advantages: time savings on scheduling, enhanced safety, financial savings on electricity consumption, and a significant reduction in CO2 production. The teams also used classical concrete along with crushed and recycled concrete to make savings on the materials.

Tapis convoyeur - Razel Bec
Moule de poutres – Fayat Bâtiment.jpg

Hydraulic-controlled beam casting mould Fayat Building

For on-site prefabrication, Fayat Building uses multi-cavity casting moulds to manufacture reinforced concrete beams. The hydraulic-controlled beam casting mould is new to the market and was developed in partnership. It boasts full assistance for opening and closing the side panels. Its development was guided mainly by the requirements of worker safety and ergonomics. Use of the system also provides guarantees to Fayat Building of the high standard of manufacturing quality, as well as improving the company’s productivity.

Liber - Razel-Bec

The Liber, a device invented by RazelBec teams to assist with guiding loads in movement, is now deployed on the contractor's worksites. This practical device is easy to use and limits the risks of collisions and crushing involved in handling and lifting operations. 

Invented by Razel Cameroon, Liber is a 2m-long lightweight guidance rod, equipped with a clamp to grip certain types of loads. It enables guidance of raised loads and limits risks during handling and lifting operations. 

Another innovative technology, exoskeletons, is undergoing testing as part of efforts to prevent musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

Finisseur compact Dynapac F1250CS

The Dynapac F1250CS compact paver, equipped with the highest quality screed in its category and optional RC360 remote control, guarantees the perfect result for all surfaces, at a reduced cost, in total safety and with optimal ease of use.


 Exoskeletons - Fayat METAL

Concerned about the health of its employees, Castel & Fromaget and ADC invest in exoskeletons.

Castel & Fromaget and ADC have decided to invest in exoskeleton technology as part of their ongoing commitment to protecting the health and well-being of their employees. This promising technological advance is part of their commitment to improving working conditions and boosting productivity while reducing the risks associated with repetitive and demanding over-the-shoulder tasks.