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Tabellout Dam

Construction of a dam in Algeria by the teams of Razel-Bec
Tabellout dam

An impressive project

This hydraulic dam, the fifth largest in the country by its storage capacity of around 294 million cubic metres, is situated in the wilaya of Jijel, along the east coast of the country, just over 350 kilometres from Algiers.
As an important link in the system for the transfer of water to the tableland, the dam consists of a million cubic metres of roller-compacted concrete. With a height of 115 metres, a crest length of 392 metres and a crest with of 8 metres, it comes with a stepped open channel spillway 60 metres wide and two temporary diversion galleries each 6 metres in diameter and 400 metres long.

1 500 people


1 million cubic metres

of compacted concrete

294 million cubic metres

storage capacity
Tabellout dam

Use of a tunnel borer

The contract also includes the construction of a transfer gallery 13 kilometres long and 4 metres in diameter. This will be made entirely with a tunnel borer driving through different geological formations. Tunnelling will start from an isolated spot roughly 30 kilometres from the site of the dam itself and work its way right up to the dam. The segments will also be prefabricated on site at the entrance to the tunnel.

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