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Salerno - Reggio di Calabria motorway

Marini and Bulfaro S.p.A. accepted the challenge to build this 40km stretch of motorway over mountainous terrain
XPRESS 2500 Marini

The XPRESS 250 model chosen for the project

The use of the Marini asphalt plant contributed to the project's success and helped the teams to meet their deadlines. Marini's XPRESS plant was chosen because the project required an exceptionally mobile, versatile, and effective unit. The XPRESS 2500 model offers a high level of mobility, without losing the advantages of a fixed plant: the ideal solution for such a demanding project. XPRESS's USP compared to other products on the market is that it can be installed without a crane. This characteristic proved decisive, given the location of the work on this project.
110 000 tonnes
of asphalt, bituminous binder and base

A mobile, effective and versatile asphalt plant

110,000 tonnes of asphalt, bituminous binder and base were applied in only two and a half months, by regularly integrating 10% asphalt aggregates (AA) in the mixer and 20% in the dryer, demonstrating the high efficiency of the plant in recycling and producing AA.

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