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SAE Roadliner

100%-recycled cold-mix asphalt
Roadliner SAE

An environmental and economic advantage

Cold-mix asphalt is used to simultaneously re-profile, structurally reinforce, and lay surface course, and makes long transport distances possible. The development of formulas with 100% recycled asphalt crushed to 12mm and the addition of 2% emulsion, i.e. a two-thirds reduction in the amount of added bitumen required, proves an undeniable environmental and economic advantage for low- and medium-traffic roads.
Roadliner SAE

A stand-alone site without added material

The system only processes existing materials - planning, crushing, screening, mixing with added emulsion, set-up with paver - and the same lorries are used to return the milled material and deliver the asphalt. Though this technique is comparable to recycling in place, processing with the plant allows perfect management of grading, metering of emulsion and the heterogeneity of the road, eliminating the surface coating generally required in case of recycling in place. A team's average production with a paver is 800 to 1,000 tonnes per day.
Roadliner SAE

The SAE Roadliner, extremely mobile and versatile

The Roadliner was developed to be positioned as close as possible to sites. The two extremely mobile units are very easy to transport and set up. Configurable on demand, this system is highly versatile, meaning it can meet all cold-mix requirements. It uses the double mixing technique for pre-mixing of the sand for emulsion gravel mix and cold-mix asphalt, and can be equipped with a powder weight doser to produce cement gravel mix or pavement concrete.

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