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Robomag, Bomag's autonomous tandem roller

Introduced at Bauma Munich in April 2019, the ROBOMAG from Bomag is a tandem roller for asphalt compaction. This innovation is the result of cooperation between Bomag, a subsidiary of the Fayat Road Equipment Division, and the Technical University of Kaiserslautern.

The Autonomous Robot

This innovation is guided by information provided by georeferencing and GPS

The robot is controlled manually by an operator using a remote control or in "autonomous" mode. It is equipped with numerous sensors that will allow it to locate itself and scan the environment. These sensors will avoid collisions and detect changes in its surroundings, thus increasing safety. Equipped with Bomag’s Asphalt Manager technology, it achieves optimal compaction results and can record them. In the event of a problem, a mechanical emergency stop system is possible in any of the robot's operating modes. The autonomous mode works by planning and following a compaction pattern on a predefined route. All the sensors are integrated into the design of the cover.

This innovation was nominated in the Equipment & Tools category of the Fayat Innovation Challenge #2