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Marini-Ermont RF Neo

The objective of any asphalt plant is to produce high-quality asphalt, at a lower cost, as well as respecting the environment
Gamme RF NEO

Recycling and performance

The entire RETROFLUX Neo range was designed for high-rate recycling, i.e. 50% recycling at 5% humidity. 100% of the RF Neo range asphalt plants were marketed to recycle almost daily with high regular rates ranging from 20 to 50%. Recycling is also a good way to reduce asphalt production costs, but it must not reduce asphalt quality, damage the environment, or increase either energy consumption or maintenance costs. This is why the RETROFLUX Neo range features all the technological solutions required to prevent these various issues.

Our brands specialised in asphalt production plants:


The world's leading hot-mix asphalt plant manufacturer.


The world's leading extremely mobile continuous- and batch-type asphalt plant manufacturer.


Leading continuous cold-mix plant manufacturer.