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Istanbul Airport

The Turkish airport has been under construction since June 2014 and will be the largest in the world. Bomag is very closely involved in the implementation of the project
Aéroport d'Istanbul

The vital role of Bomag

The main feature of the 8,000-hectare site was its extremely uneven ground that had to be flattened first of all, extracting 400 million cubic metres of earth and then filling in any holes that were already there or were created. With a fleet of 136 single-drum rollers, Bomag is playing a vital part in the project. Thanks to the complete monitoring documentation supplied by the operators, an outside consultant can check the progress of the fleet – a daily operation performed 20 times a day on average – thus guaranteeing smooth, efficient compaction.

8 000 hectares

Area of

400 millions m3

of earth extracted


single-drum rollers

Istanbul Airport Bomag


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