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Dynapac 6th generation dual-cylinder rollers

These new rollers are designed to meet demanding road construction working conditions
Rouleaux tandem Dynapac VIe génération

More comfortable, more modern

The driving position of small dual-cylinder rollers, which was already comfortable and modern, has now also been further improved. The platform, which is spacious and insulated against vibrations, guarantees operators stay comfortable even during long working days. A new ergonomic seat is now available: it can be adjusted according to operator weight. The forward and reverse lever follows the sliding seat, to increase usability and control.
Rouleaux tandem Dynapac VIe génération

Comfort and effectiveness

To improve control of the compacting process, as an option, there can be two separate forward and reverse levers. The machines can be equipped with a screens to protect the driver against bad weather, increasing both comfort and effectiveness.

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