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Development of Vincennes town centre

Razel-Bec in charge of a grouping for the development of the town centre
Centre-ville de Vincennes

Razel-Bec, head of the grouping

For the development of the town centre in Vincennes, RAZEL-BEC was put in charge of the external works of phase 1 and of phase 3, the latter following on from the previous phases of work in the town centre and involving the urban development of the town hall of Vincennes, in particular along Avenue du Château, Rue du Midi and Rue de l’Église.
Centre-ville de Vincennes

High quality demands

RAZEL-BEC was in charge of all the studies for conduct of its worksites, for the demolition of the pavements and carriageways, for the construction of surface drainage, the installation of dry networks and of a sprinkling network and for the structures of the road (6,000m²) and pavements in limestone (6,800m²).

RAZEL-BEC undertook all the urban development work in compliance with very high quality requirements while permanently maintaining the free circulation of traffic and pedestrians in a very busy shopping area in the town.


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