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Breakthrough of the gallery in Fréjus Tunnel between France and Italy

At 11 am on 17 November 2014, Razel-Bec completed the breakthrough of the safety gallery in the Fréjus Tunnel, the longest underground road in Europe.

13 kilometres long, the tunnel linking France to Italy was entrusted to Razel-Bec Française du Tunnel Routier de Fréjus (SFTRF) for the French side, and in (lead company of a consortium with Bilfinger-Berger) in 2009 by the Société 2011 by the Società Italiana per il Traforo Autostradale del Frejus (SITAF) for the Italian side.

The gallery will be completed in 2017 and will bring the Fréjus Tunnel into compliance with the new safety regulations. It has 34 safety shelters each measuring 100 sqm, 9 bypasses, 6 technical stations and 2 ventilation plants. 

“The breakthrough of a tunnel is always an important symbolic moment in the life of a project, a key stage bringing us one step closer to completion. We are pleased to share this intense moment with all those of you who have actively contributed to this major project, one that perfectly illustrates our expertise in underground constructions”, says Laurent Fayat, Director General of the FAYAT Group.

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