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Hôtel Royal Champagne in Champillon:


Hotel Le Royal :

The hotel was closed, but the prestigious premises convinced an American couple, already owners of a champagne vineyard in Epernay, to invest in building a new 5* hotel, turning it into an even more luxurious venue. Located between Epernay and Reims (Marne), the hotel has 50 rooms and suites and a Vinotherapy® Spa.

To transform this hotel into a flagship wine-tourism destination in the heart of the Champagne vineyards, two restaurants are scheduled to be opened: a gastronomic restaurant and a bistro showcasing the best local wines. The construction package was awarded to BEC CONSTRUCTION Champagne and FAYAT Bâtiment Lorraine, and the special foundations, piles and walls were built by FRANKI FONDATIONS, a fine example of FAYAT group synergies.

The project already includes 4 buildings:

  • The first building features administration, the gastronomic restaurant, and a seminar room
  • The second building houses the downstairs lobby, upstairs lobby, panoramic restaurant, kitchen, and machinery rooms
  • The third building has 45 rooms and 4 suites
  • Finally, the fourth building contains the spa, swimming pool, yoga and hammam relaxation spaces



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