SATELEC transforme l’éclairage urbain de la ville de Rambouillet

SATELEC transforms Rambouillet urban lighting

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SATELEC, a subsidiary of the Fayat Energie Services division, recently won a global performance contract for the city of Rambouillet, aimed at optimizing public lighting installations, three-color light signals, holiday lighting and the implementation of a system of urban connectivity.

SATELEC transforme l’éclairage urbain de la ville de Rambouillet

An ambitious project for SATELEC in Rambouillet 

Market characteristics.

This market includes an initial investment of 3 to 4 million euros over the first two years. SATELEC will ensure the maintenance, management and operation of public lighting equipment, three-color light signals and festive illuminations in Rambouillet for a period of 13 years.


Market objectives.

One of the main objectives of the contract is to achieve an energy saving of at least 60% over the total duration of the contract. To achieve this, SATELEC will be responsible for renovating and maintaining nearly 3,400 light points, 71 electrical cabinets and 19 three-color light signaling intersections (SLT).


An innovative urban connectivity system for Rambouillet.

In addition to the lighting and signaling works, the contract provides for the implementation of an urban connectivity system in Rambouillet. This system will improve infrastructure management and facilitate the flow of information between the city's various facilities, thus offering citizens a better quality of life.

The global performance contract won by SATELEC in Rambouillet testifies to the expertise and commitment of the Fayat Energie Services division in terms of innovation and sustainable development. Thanks to this ambitious project, SATELEC will contribute to reducing energy consumption and improving urban connectivity, thus making it possible to create a smarter city that respects the environment.