Mathieu MC 110 Sweeper

  • Environment
  • Mobility, Ecoresponsibility, Decarbonisation

The new Mathieu extra-compact MC 110 sweeper combines design, comfort, useful technology, performance and environmental responsibility.


At first glance, you can see the powerful and classy front end, topped with two round full LED day- and night-time running lights. The entire system been designed to guarantee improved comfort and security, by freeing up every extra inch possible to increase visibility. At the wheel, operators tower over their environment in a raised position that offers them record visibility via an extra-low windscreen, entirely glazed doors with super-slim frames, panoramic rear view mirrors, rear quarter windows, and suction nozzle and rear view cameras. This sweeper features embedded technology to make operators' lives easier. A head-up 7" colour display with attractive and intuitive graphics to make the most of its many services (real-time surveillance of active functions, log to access useful operating data, integrated diagnostic tool, operating data extraction and USB memory stick updating function, plus PDF file reader.



The operator has three predefined work speeds to perform the different sweeping tasks it encounters on a daily basis: EcoMode, standard mode and BoostMode limited to 10 minutes' use. 80% of daily sweeping tasks are done in EcoMode. In this work mode, you can save up to 50% fuel, significantly reduce noise pollution and make the sweeper last longer. The MC 110 also offers reduced clean water consumption via a system to recycle waste-water from the container by re-injecting into the inlet nozzle plus precise metering of clean water sprayed on the brushes and in the nozzle. In addition to low emission of waste particles into the air (3 stars in the PM10 test), this sweeper is 90% steel, cast iron, aluminium, copper and glass, and its mechanical and hydraulic components are entirely recyclable.