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Retaining dyke for the future terminal in Brest

PTC is to build a retaining dyke 860 metres long on the site of the future terminal in Brest
Our subsidiary PTC called upon for its expertise
The grouping in charge of the construction of the future terminal in Brest, dedicated to the handling of packages related to renewable forms of marine energy, has called upon the expertise of PTC to build a retaining dyke of 860 metres in length to both protect and increase the capacity of the terminal. Use of a 30HV vibro-driver equipped with variable momentum technology makes it possible to work in total safety close to the sensitive areas near the quay.
people on site every day
5 000
2 years
of work
Almost 2 years work
The construction project employs close on 50 people for a single lot and roughly 140 people a day all in all. The PTC equipment is used for the sinking of over 5,000 sheet piles measuring between 20 and 24 metres to create some thirty gabions consisting of 128 piles that are 23 metres long. Work will take close on 2 years for delivery scheduled for the end of 2019.
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