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HABIB BOURGUIBA PAVILION - Maison de la Tunisie - Paris 14th district

Extension of the Cité Internationale Universitaire

Habib Bourguiba Pavilion

The Cité Internationale Universitaire is expanding with the construction of the 9-floor, 200-unit Habib Bourguiba Pavilion apartment building (floor area: 5,100m²). This unique architectural feat is located very close to the Paris Périphérique ring road and Porte d’Orléans.

Viry installed the glass canopy covering the lobby and the designer dual-layer aluminium frontage, reminiscent of Arab-Muslim calligraphy and the tradition of the mashrabiya.

On site, the 5-month assembly operations followed a strict methodology and involved a 5-person team. The perforated sheet aluminium letters were manoeuvred into place using suspended scaffolds. They were then mechanically fixed to anchor points to form multi-panel modules before being joined together with crossbars.

An aerial inspection with the Viry drone was used to check the hard-to-reach sections, to the client’s great satisfaction. Students will move in from early March 2020..


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    Project owner:

    Fondation de la Maison de la Tunisie

  • Habitat-b

    Project manager:

    Explorations Architecture

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    Contract awarded to the Eiffage Construction Habitat/Viry joint groupin

Maison de la Tunisie

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