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Fayat Innovation Challenge #2 – 2019 prize-giving ceremony

The Fayat Innovation Challenge #2 prize-giving ceremony was held on Thursday 21 November. Let’s take a good look back at this event celebrating the Fayat Group’s unique expertise and synergies.
Photo groupe cérémonie

The Fayat Innovation Challenge, first edition

Don’t forget, innovation is one of the Fayat Group’s five priorities, which is why we launched an internal challenge as part of the group’s 60th anniversary celebrations back in 2017 to:
• Boost the Fayat Group’s innovation spirit
• Communicate about innovation
• Create links between our divisions
• Connect teams
• Meet clients changing needs

Following the first edition of the Fayat Innovation Challenge, which featured 104 projects, the Fayat Innovation Challenge #2 was launched last April.

The projects

For this second edition, 187 projects, divided into three categories, Equipment & Tools, Processes & Methodologies, and Marketing & Services were submitted on the dedicated online platform.

32 projects were presented to the Jury, which nominated 11 of them based on a range of highly-specific selection criteria.

The 11 nominees are:

In the Equipment & Tools category:

Projet nexo


The project enables collection, exchange and processing of data between connected vehicles and road infrastructure, accordingly enabling smart and cooperative transport systems to offer road users and administrators a range of benefits.

Nexo (FARECO):


Smart bladder tank (CHARLATTE RÉSERVOIRS):

Bladder tanks are used to protect pipes, store energy, or even as expansion tanks. This pressurised equipment must be regularly inspected (emptying, loss of equipment protection or operation, etc.). The aim of this project is to reduce servicing by adding a real-time control system to the equipment.
Charlatte manutention

Autonomous baggage tractor (CHARLATTE MANUTENTION) :

The aim of the project is to design, manufacture and market an autonomous tractor with a towing capacity of 20t to 30t suited to airport environments (transporting baggage) and industrial settings (moving parts). The vehicle is capable of navigating in autonomous mode but also maintains manual mode, as originally designed. The project was jointly designed in partnership with Navya, a passenger transport specialist with their autonomous shuttles.

Autonomous baggage tractor (CHARLATTE MANUTENTION) :


Robomag, autonomous tandem roller (BOMAG) :

ROBOMAG is the first autonomous tandem roller. It can be controlled manually by a driver or operate in autonomous mode.

Autonomous baggage tractor (CHARLATTE MANUTENTION)

In the Process & Methodologies category:

logo filiales

Asphalt Pro (BOMAG) and Fayat process optimization software (DYNAPAC):

Road construction process optimisation solution using a web & mobile application.

Geometrical and mechanical parametric model (VIRY):

Against a backdrop of increasingly-widespread use of the Grasshopper parametric modelling tool in design & engineering offices - which switch from hands-on design to an algorithm-based approach - the aim of this innovation is to be able to create geometrically-complex structures with competitive design costs and lead times or automatically process modular structures.
logo razel bec

Stair (RAZEL-BEC) :

STAIR is our dynamic business line QSE management interface, based on real-time, in-field data. STAIR provides managers with a detailed overview of the observations, good practices, discrepancies, and risky situations within their remit. STAIR facilitates decision-making, implementation and processing of actions.

Dans la catégorie Marketing & Services :

Clean city

Clean City (SEMERU)

The aim of this solution is to propose a “real-time” local cleanliness monitoring tool, by detecting anomalies such as unauthorised dumping, overflowing bins or waste on public roads as quickly as possible, to provide a client benefit focused on several areas for improvement:
- Optimisation and monitoring of cleaning equipment performance,
- Identification of incivilities and reporting to the relevant authorities to take action,
- Improvement of the city’s image (“clean city”) to promote tourism.

Clean City (SEMERU)

topographie 3D

3D underground network topography (RAZEL-BEC):

Underground network georeferencing is compulsory. But the plans provided by concessionaries are often approximative. The production of inaccurate plans is damaging for roads & utilities work. The project's aim is to develop 3D underground network topography.

Voitsapp (FARECO) 

The Voitsapp solution features equipment to count the number of people onboard vehicles and a high level of service to encourage car sharing (smartphone application and web platform). Together, they form a full ecosystem to boost car sharing.

The ceremony

The second edition ended with a prize-giving ceremony at Château Clément Pichon on Thursday 21 November. It was attended by the nominated project teams, division managers, and Fayat staff. This moment of celebration provided an opportunity to highlight the Group’s unique expertise and synergies.

The ceremony came to a crescendo with the announcement of the main prize-winners:

Photo de groupe

Equipment & Tools category:

Charlatte Manutention autonomous baggage tractor

Process & Methodologies category:

Razel-Bec Stair

Marketing & Services category :

Semeru Clean City

Two special prizes were also awarded to :


Special price :

Viry for its geometrical and mechanical parametric model

Special price :

Charlatte Réservoirs for its smart bladder tank

We’ll see you in 2021 for Fayat Innovation Challenge #3!

Photo of the evening :

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