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Wind farm

Razel-Bec Languedoc Roussillon is multiplying its wind farm projects
Parc éoliens

The versatility of Razel-Bec

Each foundation slab requires between 350 and 800m3 of concrete and has to be cast in one go, which requires the development of a slow-setting formulation and calls for extraordinary precision in the casting. Thanks to its versatility in both civil engineering and earthworks, Razel-Bec can take on the entire turnkey contract (foundation slab, access and platform).
922 000
tonnes/ year

A positive impact on the environment

To date, the Razel-Bec Languedoc-Roussillon agency has produced over 300 slabs for wind farms in various regions in France, representing 635 MW, thus reducing carbon emissions by 922,000 tonnes a year.

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