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Voitsapp de FARECO

Increasing urbanisation demands innovative solutions for human mobility to improve the fluidity of traffic and respect for the environment. Voitsapp aims to develop car sharing.
Voitsapp de Fareco

Intelligent Car Sharing.

Voitsapp is a solution proposed by FARECO, a subsidiary of the Fayat Energy Services Division. Its aim is to encourage drivers to car share on a daily basis, with a rewards system for good behaviour. This innovation includes equipment that counts people in vehicles, along with a high level of services to encourage car sharing (via a mobile and web application).
The solution combines innovation in use with technological innovation. It is equipped with artificial intelligence and images are captured by cameras installed in different infrastructures that will gradually learn to process the information by themselves.
When the user is car sharing, the equipment detects and checks it, and then rewards the car sharers via a mobile application.

The information that is collected will be used to:

⎝ Offer preferential favourable rates at toll booths.
⎝ Control the entrance to the designated car park for car sharing vehicles.
⎝ Monitor the lanes designated for car sharing vehicles.
⎝ Analyse vehicle occupancy rates.
⎝ Reward the eco-responsible behaviour of car sharing with a bonus for the driver.

Voitsapp's aim is to develop, adapt and optimise existing car sharing facilities while taking climate and sustainable development issues into account.

This innovation was nominated in the Marketing & Services category at the Fayat Innovation Challenge #2

Intelligent Car Sharing