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Located on the edge of the ring road, the 10,655 m2 building is part of the continuity of the new Tribunal de grande instance of Paris, of which it extends the base.
Fayat Metal Thémis N4


The proximity of the District Court constitutes for this medium-sized building a particular context, which foreshadows its commercial success. The architectural response of the agency aims to compose with the slender structure of the TGI, and to extend its basement on avenue de Duaumont. To do this, using the format of the windows of the court, it proposed integrating a light signal into the building, allowing it to increase its visibility from the ring road. This is thanks to its linear facade of 80m, consisting of sloping glass walls and shimmering soffits. This process thus provides an optical dynamic, which makes it possible to capture light and specifically reflect the environment. The resulting fragment fragmentation is amplified and multiplied when it meets the oblique glass wall.
The south facade is vegetated just like the roof.

Thémis is part of the process initiated by the City of Paris to make the ZAC Clichy-Batignolles a Parisian urban eco-district, labeled New Urban District. This is one of the eco-districts through which the City of Paris implements an ambitious sustainable development policy, expressed in particular by its Climate Plan and Biodiversity Plan. Thémis is thus a showcase for sustainable development. Its reasoned construction, linked to its mixed wood-concrete structure and its controlled operation, thanks to the production of energy by geothermal energy, allow it to set an example in environmental terms. These commitments have made it the 1st tertiary building in France to receive the E + C- label awarded by the Ministry of Housing in 2017.

It is also labeled HQE “Excellent” (2015 benchmark), Breeam “Excellent” (2013 benchmark), Effinergie + (RT 2012) and Biosourcé (2015 benchmark). These innovations and the strong presence of wood in construction enabled it to be selected among the 10 pilot projects for the future Low Carbon Building label.

millions € HT

Main Data

- Traditional aluminum curtain wall: 2210 m²

- VEC aluminum curtain wall: 2250 m²

- Aluminum joinery: 1290 m²

- Wood cladding: 170 m²

- Composite cassette cladding: 540 m²

- Electric canvas blind: 2740 m²

- Electric adjustable sun shade: 1110 m²


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Guillaume Satre


Clichy Batignolles (75)