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STAIR, QSE digital solution, developed by Razel-Bec

STAIR is a digital solution that allows real-time checks of the compliance of our worksites with Health & Safety, Environmental and Quality requirements.

STAIR aide à l'analyse et à la décision

STAIR is fed with data via queries to various servers and a multi-support application (telephone, tablet and web) that operates in both online and offline mode and can be used on site visits. These management tools help decision making to improve prevention in real time, with a mobile cloud computing and data aggregation solution.

STAIR is a dynamic Quality - Safety - Environment (QSE) steering interface for the activities of Razel-Bec, a subsidiary of the Fayat Public Works Division. This project is based on real-time data from the field. STAIR provides managers with detailed photos, observations, best practices, deviations and risk situations within their scope.

STAIR will help with decision making and implementation, as well as task handling. Construction site actors in the field will be able to use this tool to report relevant data that can be used in real time. With a single click, you can find out where the risks are, whether the staff are adequately aware of them and whether an action plan is possible.

STAIR is a :

  • Is intuitive and user-friendly
  • Is used from the Site Manager to the General Manager
  • Combines mobility and agility
  • Enables the identification of risks and good practices
  • Enables timely decision making for better processing and optimised information sharing..