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SOLIBRA Junction

A project of Razel-Bec, as a sub-contractor of Japanese firm DAIHO for all the work on the interchange
Echangeur Solibra Côte d'Ivoire

A project financed by the Japanese Agency for International Cooperation

This interchange, a symbol of the excellent relations between Japan and the Ivory Coast, is situated on the outskirts of the towns of Marcory and Treichville, on the main urban 2x4 lane motorway of Abidjan. The increase in traffic in the area, with 135,000 vehicles a day currently, makes this interchange an absolute necessity, as are the other interchanges planned along the route. The project consists of building a main flyover that is 312 metres long and a secondary flyover of 210 metres in length. They will be supported by deep foundations and will have a continuous deck along the entire length made up of segments in prestressed concrete.
Echangeur Solibra Côte d'Ivoire

A challenge for Razel-Bec

This project presents major technical construction difficulties that the teams are handling with the support of the Engineering and Innovation Division. The part played by Razel-Bec does not include the design and our subsidiary therefore has to adapt on the one hand to an unusual design with respect to what they are accustomed to in France and on the other hand to Japanese standards in the calculations of the structure. The challenge is to successfully complete the interchange in order to develop a long term partnership with the companies and Japanese financiers increasingly present in the area.

Completion is scheduled for August 2019.

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