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The Smart Bladder Tank from Charlatte Réservoirs

This innovation minimises maintenance operations by adding a real-time equipment monitoring system to predict failures and drifts, reduce fluid loss and simplify user operations.

The Smart Tank

In conjunction with the Fayat Energy Services Division and developed by the Charlatte Réservoirs subsidiary of the Fayat Pressure Vessels Division , this solution simplifies the monitoring of bladder tanks by reducing unnecessary maintenance operations, as well as alerting in the event of a malfunction. This innovation is driven by a highly specific approach and a shift towards connected tools.

There are multiple objectives for these reservoirs:

  • Reduce down time due to necessary maintenance operations, thus simplifying the operations for users.
  • Reduce liquid loss.
  • Provide continuous information on the equipment status to the operator.
  • Anticipate a failure due to drift and inform the operator.
  • Alert in case of major failure.
  • Move potentially towards connected tools.