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An SAE plant in the heart of Paris

Over 50 years, SAE has delivered practically all 30 cold-mix plants set up in the Paris suburbs. Today, an SAE Packliner 400MH plant is being used in the very heart of Paris down on Port Victor (15th district)
SAE Packliner 400MH

A project supervised by the Paris Port Authority

For the re-qualification of Port Victor, the industrial lessees of Paris Port Authority land were required to restructure their industrial facilities from A to Z. Supervised by the Paris Port Authority, the process included major architectural and landscaping work, particularly focusing on sharing space between the operator during the week on the one hand, and the public on the weekend and outside opening hours on the other, to promote water-level traffic on the docks. Depending on its characteristics, the mixture of "treated materials" - gravel and cement, lime, road binder, etc. - produced by the SAE plant in place is used by construction professionals to put down foundation layers in areas used by vehicles (roads, car parks, etc.) or to lay curbs or paving stones.

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