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Road rehabilitation in the Ivory Coast

Razel-Bec is undertaking the rehabilitation of Akoupé to Bongouanou road over a distance of 58 km
Chantier RAKB

A project undertaken in synergy

The RAKB project consists of rehabilitating the Akoupé to Bongouanou road over a distance of 58 kilometres in the region of the Mé to the north east of Abidjan. Work will entail widening the current road to a width of 10.4 metres with paved verges, the construction or the extension of 67 hydraulic structures (mainly drains and culverts) and the reinforcement of the structure of the carriageway to adapt it to the increase in traffic on the secondary roads. A huge stone quarry has been opened for the needs of the project, totalling 120,000 tonnes. The 65,000 tonnes of asphalt will be produced by a TSM13 mobile plant from Marini-Ermont installed on site.


hydraulic structures


tonnes of stone


tonnes of asphalt

An innovative technique

The strong point of the undertaking lies in the way in which the existing carriageway is recycled cold by mixing it with cement and an emulsion of bitumen to create a structure with all the characteristics of a brand new carriageway.

This is first and foremost an innovative technique offering an alternative solution to the conventional modes of operation and making it possible to save time, money and inconvenience for road users and neighbours, while at the same time protecting the environment by reducing the use of lateritic deposits.  


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