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Rennes flyover

Construction of an outsize bridge by Razel-Bec
Viaduc de Rennes

An impressive undertaking

Situated at the northern end of the future Line B of the automatic metro in Rennes and built by Razel-Bec as part of a grouping, the flyover is 8.60 metres wide and has a total length of 2,400 metres. It consists of 979 segments prefabricated on site and installed with a 600-ton launch beam and then pre-stressed.
Rennes flyover

The expertise was provided by Razel-Bec

The concrete segments are made on the spot and then installed with precision thanks to a huge steel gantry which moves forward in step with the progress of the construction. Each segment weighs around 35 tonnes, and up to 70 tonnes for the biggest ones.

The Rennes flyover called for real expertise in civil engineering. It is an extremely technical construction with a complex geometric form that had to be built without hindering the traffic in town and with as little sight and sound impact as possible.

2 400 metres




35 to 70 tonnes

each segment weighing between

Flyover Rennes


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