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Reinforcement of the North Road in Ivory Coast

On 21 March 2018, Razel-Bec signed a contract to reinforce a 95-kilometre section of the North Road
A contract signed with the Ivory Coast Economic Infrastructure Ministry
Using the financing provided under the terms of the Debt Reduction & Development Contract (C2D) between France and Ivory Coast, RAZEL-BEC signed a contract as a member of a consortium with the Ivory Coast Economic Infrastructure Ministry on 21 March 2018 to reinforce the Bouaké-Ferkéssedougou section of the North Road.
The work on this 95km-long section mainly consists, over a period of 22 months, in:

- recycling the existing road course with added cement and aggregate materials to create a 25cm foundation course (257,000m3),
- laying a 0/20 bituminous aggregate base course (94,000m3) and a 0/10 bituminous concrete surface course (720,000m2),
- installing roadside and under-road water channels (144,000lm of concrete-lined earth ditches)
- supplying and installing road equipment.
22 months of work
The contract also includes building 8km of road in the few towns on the route as well as building or rehabilitating public schools and health centres or drilling for drinking water for the local population.

The difficulties involved in this site are the very short deadline, sourcing and manufacturing road aggregate (difficult to find in the area) and supply logistics in this part of the country. A real challenge that RAZEL-BEC's teams are ready for.
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