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Razel-Bec, Razel Water Solutions, Fayat Chaudronnerie, a planetary synergy

From Africa to the Caribbean, two recent deliveries

In Libreville (Gabon), Razel Water Solutions has supplied and installed a prefabricated plant to produce drinking water with water from the CimGabon 2 quarry, on behalf of the Gabon Energy and Water Company. Fayat Pressure Vessels joined in the project for the piping and anti-hammer tank. With an additional 15% in capacity, the plant can now supply water to 150,000 people in Libreville.

Station préfabriquée de potabilisation au Gabon

Potabilization station

On the island of Saint Martin in the West Indies, Razel-Bec and Razel Water Solutions recently delivered a project for vacuum treatment of wastewater and the supply of drinking water to the town of Grand Case. The teams installed an innovative technology with a system that draws in waste water from the pipes by a vacuum, which is particularly useful in flat areas such as around squares, where it avoids the need to build multiple lifting stations in urban areas.