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Princess Grace Hospital

The Princess Grace Hospital in the heart of Monaco is undergoing a complete facelift with the construction of a new centre while keeping the current centre in service
Centre hospitalier Princesse Grace

A three-stage project

For Sefi-Intrafor, this is a 3-stage project spread between 2016 and 2018 in order to complete the peripheral diaphragm walls and the foundation bars of the future buildings and the car park. Downslope from the present hospital, work began with the preparatory phase consisting of the construction of the car park (for over 500 cars on 6 storeys) and the deviation of the Avenue Pasteur Haut. The main constraint of the project lies in the layout of the site, which is narrow (100m by 15m) with roads running along the hillside. Access must also be maintained to the neighbouring hospital while enabling traffic on the two roads on each side of the worksite with a drop of 20 metres.
Centre hospitalier Princesse Grace

A worksite with specific features

The rocky terrain is also a specific feature of Monaco that is justifiably nicknamed “the Rock”. The means deployed therefore had to be adapted with the use of the MC64+BC435 cutter to anchor the wall in the limestone marl. With a production plant taking up nearly a third of the ground area of the worksite, the material means were optimised, in particular with the use of a single crane for the initial drilling and material handling.
Centre hospitalier Princesse Grace

Some twenty people on site

Some twenty people are busy on the site. The first stage ran from June to October 2016. The second stage ran from April to August 2017 with the completion of the downslope retaining wall and the foundations of a 2-lane road bridge. The third stage will be undertaken in 2018 with the upslope retaining wall.

A major project which will contribute to the modernisation of this health facility in Monaco.

Princess Grace Hospital


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