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Paoli-Calmettes Institute


The institute :

The PAOLI CALMETTES Institute is a cancer centre: its main activity is treating haematological cancers. The institute has performed more than 7,000 bone marrow transplants, the highest number in Europe. The project was managed according to the French Public Health Code to design and build a haematological building with laboratories and 80 rooms, including 60 “sterile” ones.

The project included the construction of a car park, the base for a future IPC5-grade public building. The carcassing was completed over the summer. After testing, cleaning and qualification, the project was delivered on 29 June 2018 by CARI MED and BEC CONSTRUCTION PROVENCE, FAYAT Bâtiment subsidiaries.

12330 m²

total floor area


hospitalisation units


parking spaces

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