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Neurocampus Centre in Bordeaux

Bordeaux University, in the immediate neighbourhood of the University Hospital Centre, now boasts a new facility dedicated to research on the nervous system and degenerative diseases
Neurocampus Bordeaux

A project for construction and redevelopment

Thanks to this centre, the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region benefits from a top class scientific and real estate complex with all the latest equipment.

Seg-Fayat, a subsidiary of the Fayat Bâtiment division, was awarded the contract for the construction of one building and the partial redevelopment of another two existing buildings, connected to the new building by 2 walkways. The project includes different types of laboratories and areas for the accommodation of primates and rodents. It is worth noting that the laboratories themselves include overpressure zones, zones for biological confinement and imaging zones that are particularly sensitive to vibrations.

15 000 m²

dedicated to research



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