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Mathieu Aquazura mc 200

This first bio-washer was developed to meet the dual requirements of Mathieu (Fayat subsidiary), respecting the environment and washing effectively
Aquazura mc 200 Mathieu

Versatility, performance and respect for the environment

Silent and stylish, the Aquazura MC 200 is designed as the "friendliest" of washers, the most respectful of the environment in general and coverings in particular. The AQUAZURA MC 200 uses comprehensive cleaning technology combining several functions: brushing, washing, shampooing, drainage and recycling of waste-water. And all in one go: unrivalled efficiency. Combined with a clean, quiet vehicle, BIOLAVAGE® technology allows environmentally-friendly treatment of all types of floors or coverings. Its multiple work zones such as pavements, pedestrianised areas, historic centres, car parks, and airports make the AQUAZURA MC 200 a very versatile machine.

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