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Marini-Ermont TRX 100%

The world's first continuous mobile asphalt plant, which enables recycling of up to 100% of asphalt aggregates
TRX 100% Marini-Ermont

Outstanding innovation

In France, the average amount of asphalt aggregates in new asphalt is 17%. The TRM 100% is genuinely and outstandingly innovative and marks an unprecedented step forward in terms of technology and the environment, making it the world's most effective and environmentally-friendly mobile recycling solution. Recognised at the Intermat Innovation Awards 2018 for this outstanding innovation, the Fayat group has proved once again its ability to innovate AND take care of the environment. Supported by ADEME (the French environment and energy management agency), this project perfectly illustrates the Fayat group's aim: To combine innovation, performance and respect for the environment.

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