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Maison de la Radio, Paris

Rehabilitation of the Maison de la Radio by our subsidiaries Vilquin, Satelec and Viry
An iconic building
Opened in 1963 by Charles de Gaulle, the Maison de la Radio is an iconic building in French culture. In 2005, the building was no longer compliant with the standards and so the decision was made to undertake an extensive rehabilitation programme.

As the second largest contractor for the project, the Fayat Group, through its companies Vilquin, Satelec and Viry, took charge of the carcass of the tower, the electricity and the four walkways connecting the outer and inner rings.
Delivery of 4 steel walkways
The contract consisted of building 4 steel walkways with spans of 38 metres, each contained in an ovoid-shaped glazed envelope. These walkways connect at the level of the 5th floor between the interior facade of the “outer ring” building and the façade of the circular building in the centre of Radio France. The structural design of the 4 walkways is identical. The load-bearing structure operates on the principle of an underpinning girder made up of an upper tubular chord (a round tube with a diameter of 600 mm) and a very thick, flat, lower chord the shape of which is elliptical. A horizontal tubular lattice girder supports the deck covered with wooden planks. The shell is fully glazed with three curved insulating glass panels held by PRS tee-shaped trestles.

The demands of the worksite required complete shoring of the structure and delivery in small 6-metre sections. The first two walkways were commissioned in March 2017 and delivery of the other two is scheduled for 2020.
Our brands involved in the project
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