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Insight building

Construction and development of 90 housing units on the open market, 40 social housing units, 20,000m² of total floor area in the new Bordeaux Euratlantique district
Immeuble Insight Bordeaux Euratlantique
Immeuble Insight Bordeaux Euratlantique

Building houses

As part of the Bordeaux Euratlantique development project, one of the biggest of its kind in France, Fayat Immobilier was chosen to build Insight. Sitting on the right bank, this site will be home by the end of 2019 to all Fayat Group's entities, as well as 90 housing units on the open market and 40 social housing units.
Designed by the BRENAC & GONZALEZ agency, Insight is a contemporary creation with sleek lines, based on the desire to combine architecture and nature. There will be abundant vegetation, filling the building’s spaces and sprawling over its architecture.
This building fits perfectly into the Bordeaux Euratlantique project, which aims to modernise and increase the attractiveness of the city of Bordeaux.


housing units


social housing units

20,000 m²

of total floor area

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