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Geometric and Mechanical Parametric Modelling from Viry

The objective of this innovation led by Viry, a subsidiary of the Fayat Metal Division, is to be able to build complex geometric structures with competitive design costs and lead times, or to process modular structures in an automated manner.

Innovation by Viry

Use of the Grasshopper parametric modelling tool is becoming widespread in design offices. Geometrical and mechanical parametric modelling will reproduce details of structures with varying dimensions, instead of drawing them, in order to optimise dimensioning.

The aim of this tool is to simplify projects that initially have variable or even random geometries. It will facilitate analysis of the project environment, provide a vision that will generate repetitive calculation models in the case of successive changes and manage the modifications in progress in all the execution documents more flexibly, avoiding repetition. This innovation will save time, with less than one hour of tracing making it possible to produce complex geometrical structures in the same time frame as regular structures. Lastly, it will rationalise the geometries to create repeatable patterns for manufacturing.

Thanks to this innovation, Viry, a subsidiary of the Fayat Metal division, received the Special Jury Prize at the Fayat Innovation Challenge #2, in the Process & Methodologies Category.