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Forges 2020 Chaumont project

Our three subsidiaries Somopa, Cari Thouraud and Satelec are involved on this project
Forges 2020 Chaumont project
Three subsidiaries involved
In 2020, Lisi Aerospace group, aeronautical industry sub-contractor, will leave the historic Forges de Bologne site to move to a new factory and new premises in the Plein'Est business park in Chaumont, just a few kilometres from its current location. Somifa was awarded the real-estate development contract (construction, transfer of activities, industrial investment programme) for the construction of a building complex in Chaumont. The electrical package was awarded to Cari Thouraud and Satelec. 40,000m² of buildings on a 100,000m² platform will house Forges de Bologne's activities (production of aeronautical engine components and structural parts). This new factory, with its improved energy efficiency, will contribute to reducing consumption of natural resources.
Our brands involved in the project
Paving, tiling, roads and utilities, and fencing specialist.
Fayat Bâtiment
Leading French builder.
Specialist in the design, construction and maintenance of electrical systems for major infrastructure networks, and motorway, road and public transport connections.