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Footbridge in the Claude Bernard Development Zone

Construction of a footbridge over the Paris Ring Road by the teams of Viry
Passerelle ZAC Claude Bernard

A footbridge that fits into its environment

The footbridge is designed to prolong the pedestrian network to create a top quality urban connection. To the south, it comes as a continuation of Rue Lounes Matoub, extending the area of the concourse of the future cinema, and to the north it curves round to form a coherent pathway between the mass of the buildings and roads making up the future urban layout.

The structure, with a total length of 97.65 metres, consists of the main footbridge (with a span of 60 metres between the supports) with a central span and two anchor arms (stairs) and two side ramps.


metres long


tonnes of steel
Passerelle ZAC Claude Bernard

A complex project

The particular features of the project lie in the double curve of the footbridge which also includes an asymmetrical camber, entailing a large number of parts that are all different.

The footbridge was erected during the night of 14 May 2015 with the help of two telescopic 700-ton cranes, with traffic being halted for a short period of just 6 hours.

The dimensions of the entire footbridge comply with the Eurocodes. It comes under the EXC4 category according to the EN 1090-2 standard.

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