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Fayat Immobilier Île-de-France delivers its first property development project

Officially launched in April 2019 with the filing of the building permit, the Rosignano Marittimo apartment building project in Champigny-sur-Marne (Val-de-Marne) was proudly delivered by our teams in spring 2021.

FAYAT IMMOBILIER IDF - Résidence Rosignano Marittimo

The Rosignano Marittimo project

The project featured the demolition of two pavilions and 20+ boxes, followed by the construction of 57 housing units spread across two 5-level buildings topped with a dual duplex attic. These buildings respectively consist of 39 intermediate rented housing units transferred to IN’LI, and 18 social housing units sold to SEQENS.
The project meets RT 2012 -20% and NF Habitat HQE (i.e. high environmental quality residential) requirements.