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Dyn@lyzer is a compacting analysis system that supplies essential information in real time to operators

For more effective and faster compacting

Using this highly-effective data analysis system, operators' work is made considerably easier and the advantages are many:
• No unnecessary compacting of zones already covered
• Risk of under- or over-compacting is eliminated
• Compacting work can be focused on specific areas, which require
additional compacting
• Each stage of the compacting work is documented and presented to operators in real time
• Coverage of 100% of the zone compared to only a fraction of a percent using traditional compacting control methods
• First-rate compacting results with maximal uniformity in terms of the down-force of each layer
• Simplified quality assurance
• More effective compacting

Our specialised compacting brands


Leader compacting technology expert and manufacturer of soil, asphalt and waste compacters, stabiliser/recyclers, cold milling machines and pavers.


Specialist in the development of innovative equipment for compacting, laying of asphalt, planing and concrete implementation applications.