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Aix Arena

The Aix Local Authority has fulfilled its ambition with an Arena geared to welcome major international indoor sporting events as well as cultural events
Arena d'Aix
© Lisa Ricciotti

Bec Construction Provence the grouping representative

This is the modern, secured, beautiful and functional project designed by architects Auer Weber and Christophe Gulizzi for the teams of Fayat Bâtiment. Bec Construction Provence, a subsidiary of the Fayat Bâtiment division, was appointed to head the grouping for the design and construction of the Aix Arena. It consists of a modular auditorium, an adjoining hall, cloakrooms and changing rooms, dressing rooms, a restaurant and outdoor areas with a car park for 1,000 cars and a transport hub.
Arena d'Aix
© Lisa Ricciotti

A contemporary success

The ambitious style of architecture is genuinely contemporary. The classic facades have given way to layers of superimposed dynamic bands. The building has become a great source of pride for the region and for the teams of Fayat Bâtiment.

© Lisa Ricciotti

8 000


1 624

retractable telescopic tiers


people working on the site
  • © Lisa Ricciotti
  • © Lisa Ricciotti

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