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Abu Alanda Water Project

Razel-Bec is building a distribution system for drinking water in Jordan
Abu Alanda Water Project

A new project in Jordan

With its tried and tested experience in sensitive geopolitical environments, the company is counting on an increase in projects involving water in a country where that resource is as rare as it is precious. Following on from an initial contract signed at the end of 2015, this new project involves the design and construction of a distribution system for drinking water between Amman and Khaw (30 kilometres to the north).
Abu Alanda Water Project

Our Satelec subsidiary has been called upon for the project

This project requires expertise in pipes (cast iron with a diameter of 900), in reservoirs (2 x 2,000m3) and energy (water from the pipes fed through turbines to produce electricity, with two power production plants and a pumping station to be built). For this extremely technical project, Razel-Bec has combined the skills of Jordanian and Swiss engineering design offices and the international branch of Satelec for the parts concerning electricity and energy.

Our brands involved in the project


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