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4-Seasons hotel in Megève

Franki Fondation and Sotraisol, two subsidiaries of the Fayat Group, joined forces to complete the foundations of this 5-star hotel on a difficult site and to a tight schedule
Hôtel 4 seasons Megève

Difficulties arising from the site

Franki Fondation, working as a sub-contractor of the Fayat Group for building and public works, started work in October 2013. In addition to the tight schedule and to the host of work programmes, the main difficulty lay in the terrain of the worksite where the borers came up against blocks in the moraine. Franki Fondation was in charge of two kinds of retaining walls:

· A temporary retaining wall downslope of the site made with adjoining piles sunk with a hollow auger, with a total of 117 piles with a diameter of 620mm sunk to depths of between 8 and 13 metres.
· A permanent retaining wall upstream, with secant piles using a dual rotation borer (auger and tube), with a total of 180 piles with a diameter of 620mm sunk to depths of between 8 and 14.5 metres.
Hôtel 4 seasons Megève

A haven of well-being

Sotraisol followed in the steps of Franki Fondation to make 167 self-drilled nails with diameters of between 90 to 110 mm for 1,800 linear metres of drilling with the necessary ribs and load cells. The project came with a number of constraints in particular related to the nature of the site itself but resulted in the creation of an unusual haven of well-being.

Our brands involved in the project

Franki Fondation

Special foundations specialist.


Deep foundation and underground works specialist.