The great organs of Saint-André Cathedral in Bordeaux find new life

Bordeaux, April 11, 2023 The CLÉMENT FAYAT FOUNDATION formalizes its support for the project to rebuild the great organs of Bordeaux Cathedral, by signing a sponsorship agreement with the CATHEDRA association, the project leader.

Jean-Claude Fayat, président du Groupe Fayat, et Jean-Denis Portelli, président de lassociation Cathedra, lors de la signature de la convention de mécénat ce mardi 11 avril 2023. (Crédit : Antoine OLLIER Photographie)


The organs are among the jewels of Saint-André Cathedral. If the choir organ is being reassembled after major renovation work, the situation of the gallery organ requires a total reconstruction of its instrumental part. Built in the 1970s, the gallery organ has serious technical and musical shortcomings. Its restoration has been considered and evaluated, but would be too expensive for an uncertain musical result. The total reconstruction of the instrument is now unavoidable, while its casing called organcase (classified historical monument), will be restored.


The commitment of the CLÉMENT FAYAT FOUNDATION is based on two aspirations. Moon, to participate in reviving a historical heritage while highlighting the craftsmanship, sometimes forgotten and yet so renowned in France, which will intervene on the restoration of the great organs. The other to support a project that emanates from a desire to restore the city of Bordeaux to a level of excellence for its organ festivals with new repertoires and approaches to attract new audiences and young talents.

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The reconstruction of the great organs of the cathedral is the second project of the Heritage axis supported by the CLÉMENT FAYAT FOUNDATION. His choice is in line with the continuity of the Group's values ​​and embodies the positioning of the Foundation on the selection of projects: on a human scale, concrete, measurable, while contributing to reviving the richness of French heritage and the know-how of craft trades.

Regarding the great organs of Bordeaux Cathedral, the CLÉMENT FAYAT FOUNDATION wishes to pay particular attention to the creation of the remote console, which will allow the organist to play both the great gallery organ and the choir organ. , while being closer to the public and other instrumentalists.