Ravo Hygion Sweeper

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Our objective? To play a positive role in environmental impacts. RAVO’s approach has been to develop a solution using an electrostatic filter, in partnership with Delft Technical University.


This unique, patented system is based on the static charging of dust. Its efficiency has been tested, proving that it captures >80% of PM10 and 75% of PM2.5 dust. Positive ions and free electrons are created from air molecules and an electric field. Electrons go to the electrode and the positive ions go to the collector plate. In moving towards the collector plate (ionic wind), the positive ions come into contact with the dust particles which are also given a positive charge. Thanks to this positive charge, the fine dust particles are driven away from the electrode and drawn to the collector plate.

When the charged fine particles reach the collector plate, the positive, ionised particles, or fines, are neutralised and clustered into clumps of dust.



The system has been built into the rear door of the tank just ahead of the ejection of the flow of air to the outside. Its impact on the design of the machine is negligible and above all it has no negative effect on suction performance. Cleaning of the filter was an important point in its development. This system prevents the operator from coming into contact with the particles. The filter is cleaned by adding clean water directly into the fan. A closed circuit is created in the tank which transfers the particles into the container.


The RAVO Hygion machine is a solution designed to enable municipalities to improve their fine particle pollution. Cleaning of the system is simple and perfectly safe for the operator who is not exposed to the dust. The efficient system does not alter the performance of the machine. 

All the disadvantages of conventional filters – increase of the resistance to the air flow, dangerous to clean, wear of the filtering material, etc. - have been eliminated.

As an example of a genuine technological innovation, the Hygion Sweeper is a source of pride for the Fayat Group, both for its level of performance but also and above all for its positive impact on the health and well-being of everyone.

    80 % of PM10 dust captured
    75% of PM2.5 dust captured